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Mastering the Art of Organizing Cake Decorating Supplies

Mastering the Art of Organizing Cake Decorating Supplies - Maria's Condo

Decorating a cake is no less than creating an edible masterpiece. However, the plethora of tools involved can sometimes turn your workspace into a chaotic mess. Hence, organizing your cake and cookie decorating supplies is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with a range of ingenious hacks to keep your baking supplies in perfect order.


1. The Magic of Stacking Cake Pans

1.1 The Challenge

When it comes to cake pans, one size indeed doesn't fit all. With varying shapes and sizes, these pans can become a real headache if not stored correctly. They have a tendency to tumble out of your cabinets, causing unnecessary hassle.

1.2 The Solution

A smart way to tackle this issue is to start storing from the largest to the smallest. This way, you end up building a well-balanced stack of pans that won’t collapse when you open the cabinet door. If you have several pans of the same size, try building a pyramid with them. This arrangement not only makes your pans more stable but also saves a lot of space.

2. Taming the Food Colours

2.1 The Challenge

Food colours are a staple in a baker's arsenal. However, they can quickly turn into a nightmare if not stored correctly. The bottles tend to topple over and leak, staining everything they come in contact with.

2.2 The Solution

Here, a nail polish case comes to the rescue. The built-in dividers prevent the bottles from falling over and leaking. Plus, it allows you to organize the colours for easy access.

3. Managing Cake Combs

3.1 The Challenge

Cake combs are essential for achieving smooth frosting and adding texture to your cakes. But finding the right one from a box or drawer can be a bit of a hassle.

3.2 The Solution

A smart way to keep your cake combs organized is to use a rack originally meant for pot and pan lids. This rack works as a perfect divider for different types of cake combs, making them easily accessible and neatly organized.

4. Baking Supplies Storage

4.1 The Challenge

Baking ingredients, especially those in unruly packets like flour and sugar, can create quite a mess. Plus, they tend to occupy a lot of space in your cupboard or pantry.

4.2 The Solution

Tupperware containers are a great solution to this problem. They will keep your ingredients fresh, tidy, and efficiently use up much less room.

5. Candy Melts Conundrum

5.1 The Challenge

Packets of chocolates or candies, like Candy Melts, tend to spill and get mixed up at the bottom of the box, causing a great deal of inconvenience.

5.2 The Solution

A practical solution to this problem is to store them in clear glass or plastic jars. This way, you can easily see what's inside each jar, and they also add a pop of colour to your shelf!

6. Cookie Cutters Chaos

6.1 The Challenge

While cookie cutters are useful for various cake decorating techniques, their different shapes make it difficult to store them neatly in a box.

6.2 The Solution

A pegboard with pegs is an efficient way to arrange your cookie cutters. Organize them based on themes, holidays, seasons etc. and you can easily find and pick the one you want.

7. Storing Cake Stencils

7.1 The Challenge

Stencils are handy for creating beautiful designs on your cakes. However, if you have several, they end up taking a lot of space and it becomes difficult to find the one you're looking for.

7.2 The Solution

A folder with plastic wallets is an easy storage solution for stencils. Put one in each wallet and you can label them with tabs if you want to categorize them.

8. Piping Tips Puzzle

8.1 The Challenge

Piping tips are essential for cake decorating, but if they are stored in a box or jar, you can't see the different shapes at the tip, making it hard to find the right one.

8.2 The Solution

A craft box is a great solution to this problem. You can place one tip in each section or group them together based on their type. This way, your piping tips will be organized and easily visible.

9. Sorting Sprinkles

9.1 The Challenge

Sprinkles come in all kinds of shapes and colours. But if they are stored in a box or drawer, it’s difficult to see what's inside each packet or jar.

9.2 The Solution

Pour your most used sprinkle mixes into jars and arrange them on a shelf. Not only will this make them easy to reach, but it will also add a touch of colour to your room.

10. Mixing Bowls Mayhem

10.1 The Challenge

Mixing bowls are a must-have for baking. However, if you have lots of them in different shapes and sizes, they can easily topple over and create a mess.

10.2 The Solution

A smart way to store mixing bowls is by arranging them by type so that they nest neatly inside each other. This way, they will be easier to see and reach, compared to being in a tall tower.


In conclusion, organizing your cake decorating tools and supplies not only makes your workspace neater but also enhances your efficiency. So, try these handy hacks and let your creativity shine through your creations without any hassle!


  1. What are some efficient storage solutions to keep your cake decorating supplies organized and easily accessible?
  2. How can categorizing cake decorating supplies according to frequency of use improve your baking efficiency?
  3. What tips can you share for maintaining the quality and longevity of various cake decorating supplies while stored?


Marias Condo
Marias Condo

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