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Shipping is always done through a recognized carrier and you will be provided with a tracking number that you can use to track the current status of your order. Free items don't qualify for free shipping and may arrive in separate packages.

We ship your orders from various international warehouses (US, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore). Our stock is spread out over multiple fulfillment centers in order to grant a fast receiving. This means, orders containing multiple items may be shipped separately. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic, if you don't receive all of your items at once…they are on the way. Therefore, the partial shipment could be applied to customers’ order.

We are providing worldwide shipping to most places in the world. However, due to the security reasons, we can’t deliver a shipment to the military area.

In case you are missing any sort of E-Mail correspondence, such as your shipping confirmation E-Mail, please, especially as G-Mail user, always check your promotions TAB on the top right, next to your primary inbox. Most of our E-Mails are landing there.

United States

We ship out from multiple international warehouses. Depending on the Warehouse, demand and current stock, it usually takes 12-24 business days but on occasion can take up to 48 business days, until you'll receive your order. It depends on the location and product. Some products may require some handcrafting work in advance, that will delay the shipping by a few days.

Outside United States:

Please allow us a timeframe of 18-36 Business Days for shipping the goods to you. Exceptions are countries like Peru and South America, where shipping can take up to 58 Business Days.

We apologize for any inconviniences that may occur, as in individual cases, we may run out of stock on products we've had plenty of orders on and have to re-order them. Thus, Shipping, though infrequently, can be delayed.

Mexico and South America:

As the parcel has to travel around the entire globe, delivery can take 30-90 Business Days (90 in the worst case).