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Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️


"It works great and stays suctioned! It’s awesome if you can not reach your back."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - John Malcolm

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Nothing feels better than the fresh feeling you get after a good shower knowing you have cleaned every facet of your body, removing yesterday's grunk and grime, ready for today's adventures. The problem is how do you clean your back or feet? You can use your hands but they just aren't long enough! An extension device maybe? Good luck getting a deep exfoliating clean..

Introducing the Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️, the new standard for a full body clean, made of durable rubber and comes in many fun colors. The Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️'s easy stick technology allows it stick to any surface wet or dry and the micro bristles provide deep down exfoliation massaging your back while you scrub.


Effortlessly Cleaning

Never again worry about reaching your feet or backwhile showering. With the Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️, you can easily and effortlessly clean those hard-to-reach places without ever having to bend over or move around in the shower.

Perfect for Individuals with Limited Mobility

The innovative design of the Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ makes it a great choice for senior citizens, moms-to-be and individuals with limited mobilitywho may have difficulty reaching their feet while showering. The easy stick technology provides an easy and comfortable way to exfoliate your feet without having to strain or overexert yourself.

Versatile DESIGN

The Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ is not just limited to cleaning your feet. It can also stick to your shower wall, allowing you to easily and safely scrub your back while showering. This helps promote better hygiene habits as dirt and soap scum can build up in hard-to-reach places with traditional methods of cleaning

High-Quality TPR Material

The Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ is made of high-quality TPR material which is soft and durable. This ensures that your shower companion will last for a long time and offer superior cleaningresults without any damageto the surface of your skin.

Enjoy A Deep And Relaxing Shower Experiance By Using The Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️

The Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ allows you to enjoy a deep and relaxing shower experience. The design of the Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ allows for maximum comfort when using it, making it easier to clean your back and feet without having to bend over or stretch.

The material used in the Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️ is designed to be soft and gentle on your skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. This product will change the way you view cleaning and make your showering experience more enjoyable.



Dimensions:28.5 * 20.5 cm/ 11.81*9.05inch




1 Stick-N-Clean Shower Companion™️


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