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Effortless Magiclean - Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Wizard™

3-5mm Single Set
20-30MM Double Glass
15-24mm Double Glass
5-12mm Single Glass
3-5mm Single Glass
3-5mm Single 6JY
15-24mm Double Set
5-12mm Single Set
5-12mm Single 6JY
15-24mm Double 6JY
20-30MM Double 6JY
3-5mm Single 30JY
5-12mm Single 30JY
15-24mm Double 30JY

"The safety and convenience it offers is phenomenal. I can vouch for its efficacy, the way it removed dirt and smudges from my high windows was impressive. A real game-changer."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Henry Nichols

✅ Verified Buyer

There's nothing quite like clean windows, illuminating your home with brilliant, unfiltered sunlight. Yet, reaching high windows from outside to clean them often poses a great challenge, leaving them streaky and smudged. This irony leaves your rooms looking dreary and dull, much against the vibrant sanctuaries they ought to be.

Introducing the Effortless Magiclean - Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Wizard", revolutionizing window cleaning with its unique magnetic technology. This innovative tool possesses a powerful magnet that catches every trace of dirt, along with an easy-to-handle ergonomic design, and ensures your safety. With this, your windows remain progressively clean, as you control the cleaning process from the inside, erasing every smudge swiftly.

How the Effortless Magiclean will enhance your window cleaning experience.


The Effortless Magiclean leverages a potent magnetic functionality to clean your window externally, while you navigate it from the inside.


No need to dodge the potential risks associated with cleaning high windows from outside - with Effortless Magiclean, your safety is a primary concern.


With comfort gripping and lightweight design, the Effortless Magiclean ensures an effortless, hassle-free window cleaning experience.

Transform your window cleaning routine with the Effortless Magiclean.

We comprehend the frustrating struggle of high, inaccessible windows that hamper cleaning and keep your rooms lackluster. The risk is real and the solution often, non-existent. Everyone craves a clean, well-lit home and the limitations of traditional cleaning tools shouldn't stand in the way of that simple pleasure.

With the Effortless Magiclean, you can clean your windows flawlessly and safely, effortlessly restoring their immaculate shine from the inside out. It's more than a cleaning tool, it's a pledge towards a safer, brighter, and cleaner home.


One Effortless Magiclean - Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Wizard


1 Effortless Magiclean™️


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