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Crossguard Cutting Board™

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"I can't believe I ever lived without this. Hands down, it's the best purchase I've ever made"

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We all appreciate the joys of a well-managed kitchen. However, cutting and washing fruits and vegetables directly on countertops or in sinks can lead to cross-contamination, a risk to your health. This also leaves unsightly stains and knife marks on your countertops and sinks, spoiling the aesthetic of your kitchen and requiring frequent upkeep.

We present to you the Crossguard Cutting Board™, a groundbreaking addition to your kitchen that combines collapsible technology with space-saving design. This easy-to-use cutting board offers a hygienic and distinct space for cutting, washing, and draining your food, bringing order to your kitchen tasks and saving you precious time. By combining these functions into one, Crossguard significantly reduces clutter and helps maintain cleanliness, elevating your kitchen experience.

Discover the Impact of Crossguard Cutting Board™ on Your Kitchen Routine



Using the Crossguard Cutting Board™ is a breeze - just extend it when you need it and collapse it after use, making your kitchen tasks more streamlined than ever.


The durable design of Crossguard Cutting Board™ provides a safe cutting area, significantly reducing the risk of accidents during your meal preparations.


Cleaning the Crossguard board is a cinch. Simply rinse under running water or pop it into the dishwasher for a quick and convenient clean.


The Crossguard board collapses into a small size when not in use, making it easy to store and helping free up valuable kitchen space.

Experience a Kitchen Transformation with Crossguard

We understand the struggle of keeping a kitchen clean and efficient, especially during heavy meal prep. Issues like cross-contamination, and the damage to countertops and sinks can be immensely frustrating. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a busy professional whipping up quick, wholesome meals, these challenges confront us all.

The Crossguard Cutting Board™, engineered with practicality and efficiency in mind, brings an unprecedented level of convenience to your everyday kitchen tasks. Crossguard is more than just a cutting board, it aims to make your cooking process easier, making every meal you prepare a satisfying accomplishment.



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