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What's the difference between a regular spatula and a BBQ grill spatula?

What's the difference between a regular spatula and a BBQ grill spatula? - Maria's Condo

Spatulas, one of the most versatile kitchen tools, come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. They are an indispensable part of any kitchen, be it a home, a professional restaurant, or an outdoor barbeque setup. This article aims to provide a detailed comparative analysis of regular spatulas and BBQ grill spatulas and further delve into the distinct varieties within these categories.


Decoding the Spatula: An Overview

At a fundamental level, a spatula is a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift material in cooking. Its origin can be traced back to the Latin word 'spatula', which translates to 'broad piece'. Depending on their design and material, spatulas have varied applications, ranging from turning pancakes, flipping burgers, spreading icing on cakes to scraping bowls and pans.

Classification of Spatulas: The Basic Types

Spatulas can be broadly categorized into two types - regular spatulas and BBQ grill spatulas.

Regular Spatulas

Regular spatulas, also known as kitchen or cooking spatulas, are characterized by their flat, non-sharpened blade and can be made of different materials, including metal, wood, plastic, rubber, or silicone. They are typically used for tasks such as flipping, scraping, stirring, spreading, and folding ingredients.

Offset Spatulas

Offset spatulas, also known as pancake turners, possess a broad metal blade offset near a wooden handle. They are perfect for flipping foods like pancakes, eggs, and meats. The offset design keeps your hand elevated, preventing it from touching the cooking surface.

Silicone (Rubber) Spatulas

Silicone spatulas, originally made of rubber, are heat-resistant and ideal for non-stick pans. Their flexibility makes them perfect for tasks such as scraping bowls, folding ingredients, and stirring mixtures.

BBQ Grill Spatulas

BBQ grill spatulas, as the name suggests, are used primarily for grilling purposes. They are characterized by a long handle and blade, both of which are essential for keeping your hands safe from the grill's heat. These spatulas are generally made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or aluminum to resist the high temperatures of the grill.

Long-Handled Grill Spatulas

Long-handled grill spatulas are designed specifically to keep your hands at a safe distance from the heat of the grill. They have a thin blade that allows for a gentle slide between the grill plate and the food, ensuring it doesn't stick.

Slotted Grill Spatulas

Slotted grill spatulas, often referred to as fish turners, are designed with slots or spaces that allow excess oil or grease to drain off when lifting food. They are excellent for delicate foods like fish and are also quite effective when turning fried eggs.

What Makes a Grill Spatula Stand Out?

BBQ grill spatulas are engineered for specific tasks and environments. Here are some features that make them distinct from regular spatulas:

1. Long Handle and Blade: Unlike regular kitchen spatulas that have short handles, grill spatulas feature a long handle and blade. This design ensures your hands are safe from the intense heat of the grill while providing a wider turning capability for larger foods.

2. Thin Blade: Grill spatulas often sport thin blades, allowing for a gentle slide beneath the food to ensure it's not sticking and prevent tearing, especially for delicate meats like fish.

3. Heat Resistant Material: Grill spatulas are made of heat-resistant materials like stainless steel and aluminum, making them ideal for handling high temperatures of the grill.

One such grill spatula that meets all these criteria is the 21-inch long commercial grade spatula, which comes with a riveted wood handle and a thin stainless steel blade.

Grill Spatulas: The Top Contenders

When it comes to choosing the right grill spatula, several models stand out for their exceptional performance and design.

OXO Good Grips 16" Grilling Turner with Serrated Edge

The OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Grilling Turner with Serrated Edge is a top choice for its lightweight design, comfortable soft-grip handle, and sharp serrated edge, offering excellent control and versatility during grilling.

Mercer Hell's Handle M18390 Large Fish Turner

The Mercer Culinary Hell's Handle Large Fish Turner/Spatula offers a unique angled design, thin and flexible metal blade, and comfortable wide handle, making it a top choice for all grilling tasks.

Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Spatula

The Char-Broil Comfort-Grip Spatula is known for its durable stainless steel construction, comfortable handle, and slotted design, making it versatile for grilling different types of foods.

A Glimpse Into the World of Non-Turner Spatulas

Apart from regular and grill spatulas, there are several other types of spatulas used for specific cooking tasks. These include fish spatulas, offset spatulas, cake spatulas, flat silicone spatulas, spoonulas, and scrapers.

Fish Spatulas

Fish spatulas are designed with a gentle curved surface, making them perfect for handling delicate foods like fish. They offer the most control over ultra-delicate foods, making them a must-have in any kitchen.

Offset Spatulas

Offset spatulas are thin, flexible tools used mainly for baking and frosting cakes. They can also be used for precision cooking tasks like coaxing stubborn waffles off an iron.

Cake Spatulas

Cake spatulas are straight tools used mainly for frosting cakes. They can also be used for spreading schmears on a large number of bagels.

Flat Silicone Spatulas

Flat silicone spatulas are a must for any kitchen, particularly for baking enthusiasts. They are perfect for stovetop cooking as their flexibility allows them to scrape the bottom of any pan and get into corners to prevent sticking and scorching.

The Bottom Line

Whether it's a regular spatula, BBQ grill spatula, or any other special type, each spatula has its unique purpose and advantage. Choosing the right spatula depends on your specific cooking needs and preferences. Whatever your culinary endeavors might be, there's a spatula out there that's perfect for you.

Remember, the key to becoming a master chef lies not just in your culinary skills but also in your ability to choose and effectively use the right tools. So, equip your kitchen arsenal with the right set of spatulas and step up your cooking game.


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