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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Small Kitchen Appliances

January 12, 2024 5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Storing Small Kitchen Appliances - Maria's Condo



In today's modern kitchens, small appliances play a crucial role in making our lives easier and more convenient. From stand mixers and blenders to air fryers and toaster ovens, these gadgets have become essential tools for home cooks. However, finding the right storage solutions for these appliances can be a challenge, especially if you have limited counter space or cluttered cabinets. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various creative and practical ways to store small kitchen appliances, keeping them accessible yet out of the way. Whether you're a renter or looking to maximize your kitchen's storage potential, we've got you covered.

Section 1: Assessing Your Appliance Needs

Before diving into the storage solutions, it's essential to assess your appliance needs and determine which ones are worth keeping accessible on your countertops and which ones can be stored away.

1.1 Prioritizing Daily Use Appliances

To make your decision easier, consider the frequency of use for each appliance. Liz Bremer, a professional organizer, suggests the "once a week" rule. If you use an appliance more than once a week, it deserves a spot on your countertop. However, if you use it less frequently, it's best to store it away to free up precious counter space.

1.2 Evaluating Space and Storage Constraints

Next, take a careful look at the available space in your kitchen. Sharon Lowenheim, another pro organizer, advises storing heavy appliances in lower cabinets to avoid the risk of lifting them overhead. Consider the depth and height of your cabinets, as well as any corner or under-counter spaces that can be utilized effectively.

Section 2: Clever Storage Ideas for Small Appliances

Now that you have a clear understanding of your appliance needs and the available space, let's explore some clever storage ideas to keep your small kitchen appliances organized and easily accessible.

2.1 Tea Station Cabinet

One practical storage solution for regularly used appliances, such as kettles and coffee machines, is a dedicated cabinet built over the worktop. This cabinet, equipped with doors and shelves, allows easy access to your appliances while keeping them hidden when not in use. Consider installing power points at the back of the cabinet to keep your appliances plugged in and ready for use at any time.

2.2 Roller Door Cabinet

For smaller kitchen cabinets installed on the worktop, a roller door can be an ideal option. This cabinet houses a coffee machine that can be concealed behind the roller door, which slides up and disappears into the cabinet cavity. Utilize a small shelf above your appliances to keep tea and coffee essentials within easy reach.

2.3 Appliance Centre

If you have enough space in your kitchen, creating a separate appliance centre can be a game-changer. This designated area, equipped with multiple power points, allows you to line up all your small appliances along one wall of a worktop. Conceal the appliance centre behind bi-folding doors or a roller door for a neat and convenient storage solution.

2.4 Slide-Out Shelf

When storing small appliances inside a cabinet on the worktop, it's crucial to pull them out when in use to avoid heat and steam buildup. Install slide-out shelves inside the cabinet to make it easier to retrieve and put away your appliances safely. These shelves slide both ways, allowing for seamless access and storage.

2.5 Corner Cabinet Utilization

The odd and often underutilized space of a corner cabinet can be transformed into the perfect storage spot for small appliances. Install a shelf extension inside the cabinet that can be pulled out, providing easy access to the stored items. This shelf extension also makes it convenient to lift appliances onto the countertop quickly.

2.6 Deep Under-Counter Drawers

If space is limited in your kitchen, consider utilizing deep under-counter drawers for storing your small appliances. These drawers provide easy access and allow you to organize your appliances efficiently. Ensure that the drawer hardware is designed to carry the weight of your appliances before loading them up.

2.7 Appliance Lift Mechanism

An appliance lift mechanism is a clever solution for storing heavy small appliances in under-counter cabinets. This contraption elevates the appliances when you open the cabinet door, eliminating the need to bend down or lift heavy items. It provides convenient access to your appliances while keeping them hidden when not in use.

2.8 Utilizing the Laundry Room

If your kitchen lacks sufficient space, consider thinking outside the box and utilizing the laundry room for kitchen overflow. Install inexpensive shelving in the laundry or mudroom to store your small appliances. This solution can be particularly useful for appliances that are not frequently used.

2.9 Baker's Rack Organization

A baker's rack can be a versatile storage solution for small appliances, especially if you prefer keeping them closer to where the action happens. These standalone units offer multiple shelves for organization, and some even have designated spaces for microwaves. Position the rack against a wall with an outlet to keep your frequently used appliances plugged in and ready for use.

2.10 Managing Cord Clutter

Cord management is essential to keep your countertops organized and free from tangles. Wrap appliance cords carefully to prevent them from becoming a mess. This not only maintains a clean workspace but also protects the cords from spills and food mess. Consider using easy cord wraps to simplify the process and rearrange your countertops to position heavily used appliances next to outlets, minimizing cord length and clutter.

2.11 Corralling Accessories

Attachments, spare parts, and owner's manuals can easily get lost or misplaced, creating unnecessary frustration. Keep accessories organized by storing them in zip-top bags or plastic containers. Use quart-sized bags for smaller parts and gallon-sized bags for larger items. Don't forget to label each container for easy identification.

2.12 Downsizing and Multi-Functional Appliances

If you find yourself overwhelmed with a surplus of appliances, it may be time to downsize and reevaluate your collection. Consider which appliances you truly use and let go of the ones that no longer serve a purpose. Additionally, explore the option of multi-functional appliances that can perform multiple tasks, reducing the need for excessive gadgets.


Finding the perfect storage solutions for small kitchen appliances is essential for maintaining an organized and functional kitchen. By prioritizing your appliance needs, utilizing available space creatively, and implementing clever storage ideas, you can keep your countertops clutter-free while ensuring easy access to your favorite gadgets. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between accessibility and tidiness, making your cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient. So, go ahead and reclaim your kitchen space with these practical storage solutions for small appliances.


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