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Master Guide to Organize Your Cake Decorating Supplies

Master Guide to Organize Your Cake Decorating Supplies - Maria's Condo

Cake decorating is an art that requires a multitude of tools, like molds, spatulas, colors, sprinkles, and baking pans. While these tools are essential to create beautiful cakes, they can easily take over your kitchen if not organized effectively. This comprehensive guide will provide you with ingenious hacks to tidy up your cake decorating tools and maintain an organized baking station.



When it comes to baking and cake decorating, an organized workspace is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. A well-organized kitchen fosters creativity, reduces stress, and increases productivity. However, keeping track of all your baking supplies and arranging them effectively can be a daunting task. But, worry not! We've got you covered with our easy and affordable organizing hacks.

1. Organizing Cake Pans

Cake pans of various sizes can be a headache to store. Instead of stacking them from the largest to the smallest, which results in a wobbling tower, try a different approach. Place the small pans inside the bigger ones, creating a firm base for the next layer of pans. If you have multiple pans of the same size, build a pyramid where the lower pans support the upper ones. This method makes your tower of pans more stable, taking up less space, and easier to access.

2. Storing Food Colors

Food colors can become a nightmare when they tumble over and leak, staining your hands and your workspace. A neat solution is to repurpose a nail polish case or a craft box. These boxes come with dividers that prevent the bottles from falling and leaking. Moreover, this arrangement allows you to organize your colors for quick access while adding a splash of color to your kitchen.

3. Organizing Cake Combs

Cake combs are fantastic tools for achieving smooth frosting or textured designs on your cakes. However, if they are thrown into a box or drawer, finding the one you need can be frustrating. Try using a rack designed for storing pot lids. It works excellently as a divider for different types of cake combs, making them easily visible and accessible.

4. Storing Baking Ingredients

Baking ingredients like flour and sugar often come in packets that can be messy and take up a lot of space. Transferring these ingredients into Tupperware containers not only keeps them fresh and tidy but also saves a significant amount of room in your cupboard or pantry.

5. Organizing Candy Melts

Packages of chocolates or candies, like candy melts, can spill and mix at the bottom of a box or drawer, making them hard to find. Clear glass or plastic jars are perfect for dividing them up. Plus, you can easily see what you have and they make a pretty display on a shelf!

6. Storing Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can be useful for numerous cake decorating techniques, but different shapes don't stack neatly in a box. A pegboard with pegs can help you organize your cookie cutters based on themes, holidays, seasons, etc., allowing you to see what you have and easily lift off just the one you need.

7. Arranging Cake Stencils

Cake stencils are super thin, but if you have several, they end up taking up a lot of space. A folder with plastic wallets is an easy storage solution for these – put one in each wallet and label them to sort them into categories like the material of the stencil or the theme of the design.

8. Organizing Piping Tips

Piping tips provide endless possibilities for cake decorating. However, if they are stored in a box or jar, you can't see the shapes at the tip. A craft box with different compartments is an excellent solution. You can adjust the compartments to fit different sizes and sort your piping tips by size and type.

9. Storing Sprinkles

Sprinkles add a pop of color and fun to any cake. Storing them in jars not only makes for a colorful shelf display but also allows for easy access when you're ready to decorate.

10. Stacking Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are essential for baking, preparing, and coloring frosting. Arrange them by type so that they nest neatly inside each other. They'll be easier to see and reach compared to being in a tall tower.

11. Silicon Molds Storage

For silicon molds used for chocolates, candies, gummies, and cakesicles, hanging folders or an accordion folder work well. Put a mold into each one and label them for easy identification.

12. Organizing Straws

If you use straws for cake pops, lollipops, meringue pops, or cake toppers, storing them in a drawer or a box can be chaotic. Straw dispensers showcase your colors and patterns while making it easy to remove the one you want.

13. Storing Cake Toppers and Decorations

Cake toppers and ribbon for wrapping around cake boards need storage too. Use pegs on a pegboard as ribbon spools to keep each color separate. Put your cake toppers into a jar or glass so they're upright and easy to grab.

14. Organizing Spatulas

Spatulas, instead of taking up a whole drawer, can be stood upright in a jar or a glass. They'll look pretty and will be easy to reach.

With these practical and creative hacks, organizing your cake decorating supplies becomes a piece of cake! Spend less time searching for the tools you need and more time creating stunning cakes.


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Marias Condo
Marias Condo

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