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What BBQ accessories do I need?

What BBQ accessories do I need? - Maria's Condo

Experiencing the joy of grilling is a quintessential part of summer. But to truly elevate your grilling game to the next level, you need more than just a great grill and some tasty recipes. You need the best BBQ accessories. From high-quality grill tongs to digital meat thermometers, these tools can make the difference between a good grilling session and a great one.


In this guide, we'll explore some must-have BBQ accessories that you'll want to have on hand for your next cookout. Whether you're a novice griller or a seasoned pro, these tools will make your grilling experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

1. Essential Grilling Tools

When it comes to grilling, certain tools are absolutely essential. Here's a rundown of your must-have BBQ accessories:

Grill Tongs

Arguably the most vital tool in your grilling arsenal, a sturdy pair of grill tongs is a must. Look for tongs with a long handle that allows you to safely reach and flip food on your grill. Choose tongs made from durable stainless steel, and consider ones with a comfortable silicone grip for added control.

BBQ Gloves

Safety should always be a top priority when grilling. A good pair of BBQ gloves can protect your hands from the hot grill and any accidental splashes of hot fat or oil.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

A wireless meat thermometer is essential for ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. It allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your food from a distance, so you can avoid undercooking or overcooking your food.

Grill Brush

Cleaning your grill after each use is not just a good habit—it's essential for maintaining the longevity and performance of your grill. A grill brush with heavy-duty stainless steel bristles can effectively remove stuck-on food and grease from your grill grates.

Grill Light

A good grill light can be a game-changer if you enjoy grilling after dark. Look for a light with a magnetic base that can easily be attached to your grill, and ensure it's made from durable, heat-resistant materials.

2. Additional Grilling Tools

While the above tools are essential, there are also a number of additional BBQ accessories that can enhance your grilling experience.

Grill Mat

A grill mat can make grilling smaller items like vegetables or delicate fish fillets a breeze. These mats prevent food from falling through the grill grates, and they're easy to clean after use.

Kabob Skewers

Kabob skewers are a fun and versatile grilling accessory. They're perfect for creating delicious grilled kabobs with your favorite meats and vegetables.

Grill Cover

A quality grill cover can protect your grill from the elements and help extend its lifespan. Look for a cover made from heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric.

Grill and Grate Cleaner

After you've finished grilling, you'll need to clean your grill grates. A good grill and grate cleaner can help release grease and stuck-on messes, making them easy to wipe away.

3. Grilling Essentials Checklist

When preparing for a BBQ session, it's helpful to have a checklist of all the essential tools and accessories you'll need. Here's a comprehensive list to ensure you're fully prepared:

  • Grill: Choose a grill that suits your needs—be it gas, charcoal, electric, or portable.
  • Fuel: The type of fuel you'll need will depend on your grill. Gas grills require propane or natural gas, whereas charcoal grills need charcoal briquettes.
  • Tongs: Opt for long-handled stainless-steel tongs for the best gripping power and sturdiness.
  • Spatula: A good grilling spatula should have an offset handle for easy flipping.
  • Basting Brush: Use a basting brush with long handles and heat-resistant silicone bristles for applying barbecue sauce.
  • Grill Brush: Invest in a long-handled grill brush for easy cleaning of the grill grate.
  • Thermometer: Use a thermometer to gauge when meat is cooked, retaining moisture and juices.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Keep an extinguisher on hand for emergencies.
  • Grill Light: If grilling after dark, use a grill light or flashlight.
  • Paper Towels: Keep a roll of paper towels on hand for wiping up spills, barbecue sauce, and grease.
  • Aluminum Foil: Use aluminum foil to protect delicate foods and prevent small items from falling through the grate.
  • Garbage Can: Keep a trash can nearby for quick clean-up.

4. Cutting-Edge BBQ Tools

Today's BBQ accessories go beyond the basics. They incorporate advanced technology to make grilling easier and more efficient. Here are some cutting-edge tools that you might want to consider:

GrillTime App

In today's digital world, there's no need to carry around hefty cookbooks for grilling guidelines. The GrillTime app provides important instructions and flip reminders at your fingertips.

LED Grill Light

Some grill lights come with additional features, such as the Stok LED Grill Light. This versatile device can be mounted on any metal surface with its magnetic base, and it features two different power sources: three AAA batteries or one rechargeable battery.

Weber iGrill 3

The Weber iGrill 3 allows you to monitor your food so you get perfect results every time. This Bluetooth-enabled device supports up to four probes and sends information such as food temperature, cook time, and even propane tank levels to your smartphone or tablet.

GoSun Grill

The GoSun Grill uses solar power to grill, fry, steam, bake and broil all types of food outdoors. Its unique design features a vacuum tube that cooks food quickly, reaching temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. High-Tech Grilling Gadgets

If you're a tech-savvy griller, you'll love these high-tech grilling gadgets:

Lynx SmartGrill

The Lynx SmartGrill features professional cooking capabilities and high-tech features. Using voice commands or the Lynx SmartGrill app, you can select meals and be assisted through the entire grilling process.

FireBoard Thermometer

The FireBoard thermometer allows you to remotely monitor your food while grilling. It supports up to six temperature probes that transmit real-time information via the cloud to your smartphone or tablet.


The GasWatch propane tank scale with Bluetooth technology allows you to monitor your propane levels through your smartphone. This way, you'll never run out of gas during your backyard cookout.

6. Innovative BBQ Tools

In addition to the basics, there are a number of innovative BBQ accessories that can make your grilling experience even better:

Grillbot Grill-Cleaning Robot

Is a robot that cleans your grill grate necessary? Absolutely not. Is it super cool? Heck, yeah! The Grillbot runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has three spinning, brass wire brushes to do the dirty work.

Nonstick Reusable Grilling Sheets

Nonstick reusable grilling sheets give you a whole new way of cooking with your grill. Cook eggs, chopped veggies, pancakes, and more while preserving the delicious flavor of the grill. These sheets are easy to clean after use.

7. BBQ Tool Sets

A BBQ tool set is a great investment if you're just starting out with grilling, or if you want to upgrade your existing tools. These sets usually include a variety of essential grilling tools like spatulas, tongs, basting brushes, and more. Many also come with a convenient carrying case for easy storage and transport.

8. Table Setup Tools

Setting up the dining or picnic table is also an important part of a BBQ. Here are some recommended items:


A tablecloth is essential when eating at a picnic table. It also helps with cleanup. Look for an easy-to-wash cotton or vinyl-coated tablecloth.

Dinnerware and Glasses

Whether you choose paper, plastic, or bamboo, a shatterproof set of dishes and glasses keeps a backyard, deck, or patio safe from broken shards.

9. Cleaning and Storing Your BBQ Tools

After each use, it's important to clean your BBQ tools. This avoids food build-up and leaves them ready to use for your next grilling session. Give each tool a quick scrub with soapy water, and wipe them down periodically with a cloth and white vinegar.

When it comes to storage, it's best to keep your grilling tools indoors, even if you're tempted to keep them outside with your grill. After washing your tools, you can store them in a kitchen drawer, a covered plastic container in the pantry, or hang them on hooks.

10. Conclusion

With the right BBQ accessories, your grilling sessions can be even more enjoyable and successful. From essential grilling tools to innovative gadgets, these BBQ accessories can make the process easier, safer, and more fun. So, before your next cookout, make sure you're equipped with all the essential tools and accessories to become a true grill master.


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