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The Do's and Don'ts: Cleaning Your Kitchen Scissors

August 05, 2023 3 min read

The Do's and Don'ts: Cleaning Your Kitchen Scissors - Maria's Condo

Cleaning Your Kitchen Scissors Or Kitchen Shears: Get A Clean Kitchen with These Care For Kitchen Tips

While kitchen scissors serve as versatile tools in our homes, their care and maintenance often puzzle us. One particularly contentious issue is whether or not we should clean them using a dishwasher. So, let's take a deep dive into the matter and understand the best practices for keeping your kitchen scissors in optimum condition.

Overview: The Dishwasher Dilemma

The dishwasher is a beloved household appliance. Its convenience is undeniable, but when it comes to the care of your kitchen scissors, it may not be the best option. A common question that arises is, "Can kitchen scissors go in the dishwasher?" While some manufacturers might claim their scissors are "dishwasher safe," regular exposure to dishwasher detergents and heat cycles could eventually dull their blades.

The Impact of Dishwasher on Kitchen Scissors Or Kitchen Shears

Placing kitchen scissors in the dishwasher can lead to several damaging effects. The heat and detergents used in the dishwasher can cause discoloration and warping. Furthermore, the dishwasher's harsh environment can break down the protective layer of chromium oxide on the blades, leading to accelerated rusting.

Dulling of Blades: Clean Kitchen

The dishwasher's heat and detergents can eventually dull your scissors' blades. Sharp, precise cuts are essential for kitchen scissors, and regular dishwashing can compromise this precision.

Discoloration and Warping,

The dishwasher's heat and harsh detergents can lead to discoloration and warping of your scissors3. Metals such as stainless steel, commonly used in scissors, are not as resistant to these changes.

Rusting of Scissors Due To Oil

One of the most significant issues with using the dishwasher is the high potential for rusting. The heat, moisture, and contact with other utensils can cause rust, which is not only unsightly but also potentially hazardous.

Keeping Scissors Sharp: Clean Kitchen Shears  Correctly

To maintain the sharpness and quality of your kitchen scissors, handwashing is the recommended method. Using warm, soapy water and thorough drying can prevent rust and keep your scissors in top condition.

Tips for Caring, Sharpen Your Scissors or shears And Keep Your Kitchen Safe

  1. Routine Maintenance: Regularly wiping your scissors with a dry cotton cloth can remove residue and keep them clean.
  2. Deep Cleaning: For a thorough cleaning, use sewing machine oil or a special adhesive remover.
  3. Disinfecting: To disinfect your scissors, you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  4. Rust Removal: To remove rust spots, distilled white vinegar or a rust eraser can be effective.

Proper Storage of Scissors

Proper storage of your scissors is equally important as cleaning. Ensure they are dry before storing to prevent rust. Additionally, storing your scissors in a dry area can prevent the buildup of rust.

Different Scissors for Different Uses

Having separate scissors for food preparation, crafts, and hair cutting can prevent cross-contamination and ensure each pair remains fit for its purpose.


While using a dishwasher can seem like a quick and easy solution, handwashing your kitchen scissors is the best way to keep them sharp, clean, and in top condition. So remember, your kitchen scissors should always be hand washed and dried to ensure they remain sharp and ready for use.


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Marias Condo
Marias Condo

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