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How Much Kitchen Storage Do You Need?

How Much Kitchen Storage Do You Need? - Maria's Condo

When planning a kitchen remodel or a new build, one of the crucial aspects to consider is storage. Kitchen storage is the cornerstone of functionality, organization, and efficiency. However, determining the precise amount of storage you need can be a bit daunting. The key to getting it right lies in understanding your household needs, assessing your items, organizing based on functional areas, and calculating your cabinet frontage.

Introduction to Kitchen Storage Needs

The kitchen is more than just a place for cooking; it's the hub of a home, where meals are prepared, conversations are shared, and memories are made. Knowing how you use the kitchen, the size of your family, and your lifestyle habits is essential to determining how much storage space you need.

Kitchen Size and Storage Guidelines

Kitchen sizes can generally be classified into three categories: small (less than 150 sq feet), medium (151-350 sq feet), and large (greater than 350 sq feet). The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) provides guidelines on the amount of cabinet frontage needed for each kitchen size. A small kitchen requires 1,400" of shelf/drawer frontage, a medium kitchen needs 1,700", and a large kitchen requires 2,000".

Assessing Your Household Needs

Understanding how you and your family use the kitchen is the first step in determining your storage needs. Consider factors like how often you cook, entertain guests, or eat meals in the kitchen. Identify areas that feel awkward to use or particularly cramped.

Taking Inventory & Decluttering

Before deciding how much storage you need, take an inventory of all the items in your kitchen. Group them into categories such as small appliances, food items, pots and pans, dishes, and silverware.

At this stage, it's also beneficial to declutter your belongings. This essentially means getting rid of items you don't use often, which can free up significant space.

Organizing Based on Functional Storage Areas

Kitchens are typically divided into functional storage areas: consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation, and cooking. Organize your kitchen items based on these areas and ensure they can be accessed conveniently.

Calculating Cabinet Frontage

Cabinet frontage refers to the total storage capacity of your cabinets. It's calculated by multiplying the cabinet width, the number of shelves, and the cabinet depth. Knowing your cabinet frontage can help you understand how much storage space you're currently using and how much more you might need.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Storage

If your analysis shows that you need more storage, there are several ways to upgrade your kitchen storage space. You can add more cabinets, implement in-cabinet accessories specifically designed to house certain items, or create dedicated areas or zones for specific tasks.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are several types of cabinets available to cater to your storage needs, including:

  • Pantry: An excellent place to store jars and cans, providing ample space for logical organization.
  • Trash Can Pull-Out Cabinet: A great way to hide your trash can and add to the visual appeal of your space.
  • Spice Cabinet: Allows you to keep your spices in one convenient location.
  • Corner Cabinet Storage: Helps fill up unused corners and maximizes the use of space.

Maximizing Kitchen Storage Space

Even if installing new cabinets is not in your plan, you can still maximize your current storage space. Some simple steps include storing utensils in a cutlery box, installing hooks for your mugs, and using glass jars to store items.


The storage needs of a kitchen can vary greatly based on the household's lifestyle, cooking habits, and the number of family members. By assessing your needs, taking inventory of your items, organizing your kitchen based on functional areas, and calculating your cabinet frontage, you can estimate how much kitchen storage you need and plan your kitchen remodel or new build accordingly.


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