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How does a grill grate lifter work?

How does a grill grate lifter work? - Maria's Condo

If you are a BBQ lover, you probably understand the struggle of lifting a hot grill grate. It's not just about the potential burns and discomfort but also about maintaining the grilling process flow. This is where agrill grate lifter comes into play. This simple yet effective tool revolutionizes the way we handle grill grates, ensuring a safe and seamless grilling experience.


Grill Grate Lifters: A Brief Introduction

Grill grate lifters are typically Y-shaped tools specifically designed to effortlessly lift and move grill grates. They offer a practical solution to the problem of adding more charcoal to a pre-heated grill, which has traditionally been a risky and annoying task.

These tools significantly reduce the risk of burns and accidents related to handling hot grates. They also prevent the grill from toppling over, ensuring your safety while also protecting your grilling equipment.

Grill Grate Lifters: A Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the perfect grill grate lifter, several factors need your attention. Let's take a look at them to make your purchase decision informed and beneficial.

Prong Type

The prong type should be your primary consideration while choosing a grill grate lifter. Two-prong lifters can be versatile, suitable for multiple types of grills. On the other hand, grill grippers, which act like pliers, offer a firmer grip, especially for thinner grills. Always consider your grill's size and choose a grate lifter that can easily fit between your grill's grids.


The material of the lifter is a crucial factor influencing its durability and safety. Look for rust-proof materials to ensure your lifter doesn't contaminate your grill and your food. Furthermore, the material should be sturdy enough to resist bending when lifting heavy grills. Cast-iron lifters are a popular choice due to their superior durability and sturdiness.


The handle of your grill grate lifter should be sufficiently long to keep your hand safe from the grill's heat. It should also feature an ergonomic design for comfortable handling, especially when lifting heavy grill grids. An anti-skid casing on the handle can be a bonus, preventing rust buildup and heat conduction.


A good grip can be the difference between a smooth grilling session and a hazardous accident. Your grill grate lifter should have ridges or feature a rubber or silicon grip for secure handling. Remember, a plastic grip can melt from the grill's heat, so it's best avoided.


Since grill grate lifters are relatively small tools, they can easily get misplaced if not stored properly. To keep them handy, opt for a grill grate lifter with a storage hole or a curved handle that can easily be hung on a hook near your grill.

Dual Tine

If you own multiple grill grids, a dual tine grate lifter can be a great investment. These universal lifters can handle all sorts of grids, from angled to horizontal. Their lower tines are suitable for thicker, cast iron grids, while the upper tines can lift slimmer, stainless steel grids.

Top-Rated Grill Grate Lifters of 2023

Based on the latest reviews and user feedback, here are some of the best grill grate lifters available in 2023.

KAMaster Grill Grate Lifter – Best Overall

The KAMaster Grill Grate Lifter is made from rust-proof, durable materials that resist deformation under the weight of your grill bars. It securely grips the grate with its teeth and is ideal for grills from Weber, Primo, and Kamado. The lifter also has a small hole for easy storage.

DELSbbq Universal Grid Lifter – Most Durable

Constructed from cast iron, the DELSbbq Universal Grid Lifter can handle heavy-duty grills with ease. It works for both charcoal and gas grills and features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

Broil King 2-in-1 Grid Lifter – Most Coverage

The Broil King 2-in-1 Grid Lifter can lift both iron and stainless steel grill grates. Its long handle keeps your hand safe from the heat, and the stainless steel tines prevent rust formation.

Char-Broil Universal Grate Lifter – Minimalist Pick

The Char-Broil Grate Lifter uses a two-prong design to securely lift any grill grate. It has a long handle, a rubber grip for secure handling, and a special u-shaped handle for convenient storage.

VANKEY Grill Grate Lifter – Most Sturdy

The VANKEY Grill Grate Lifter is made from anti-rust materials and features an anti-scalding protective cover on the handle. It can be used for most household grills, including Kamodo Joe, Primer, and Weber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a grill grate lifter?

Cast iron is often considered the best material for grill grate lifters due to its high durability and heat resistance.

Where Can You Use A Grill Grate Lifter?

Primarily meant for lifting hot grill grids, a grate lifter can also pick up most cooking and baking utensils and scrape off extra grease from the grill grate.

When should I change my grill grate?

If your grill grate starts catching rust, it's time to replace it. Large blotches of deep rust are a clear signal to get a new grate.

Should You Use A Branded Grill Grate Lifter?

While it's recommended to use a grill grate lifter from the same brand as your grill, universal grill grate lifters can be equally effective. However, consider your grill's dimensions and weight while buying a universal lifter.

Wrapping Up

A grill grate lifter is a must-have tool for all BBQ enthusiasts. It not only makes your grilling sessions safer and more comfortable but also enhances the overall grilling experience. Do thorough research, consider your specific needs, and invest in a high-quality grill grate lifter to make your BBQ parties a hit.


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