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How do I sharpen an apple slicer?

How do I sharpen an apple slicer? - Maria's Condo

A dull apple slicer can be frustrating to use. However, sharpening it can be an easy task if you know the right steps to follow. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to sharpen an apple slicer.


Understanding the Need for Sharpening

Apple slicers are a convenient tool in every kitchen. But, like all kitchen tools, they can become dull over time. When this happens, the tool becomes less efficient and can be difficult to use. Hence, it's crucial to keep your apple slicer's blade sharp.

Materials Required

Before you start the sharpening process, you need to gather some essential materials:

  1. Sharpening Stone
  2. Honing Oil or Water
  3. Damp Towel
  4. Apple Slicer

You can easily purchase a sharpening stone and honing oil from kitchen supply stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Preparing the Sharpening Stone

First, apply a few drops of honing oil or water on the sharpening stone. Use a damp towel to spread it evenly across the surface. The lubrication will prevent scratches on the blade of your apple slicer.

Sharpening the Blade

Hold your apple slicer at a 20-degree angle against the sharpening stone. Slide the blade across the stone in a circular motion. Make sure to use even pressure and maintain a consistent angle. Continue this process for several minutes or until the blade feels sharp.

Polishing the Blade

After you've sharpened the blade, you need to polish it. Use a clean section of your damp towel to wipe the blade clean. Then, switch to a finer grit sharpening stone or a leather strop to polish the blade and remove any burrs or rough edges.

Enjoying Your Newly Sharpened Apple Slicer

With these steps, you can easily sharpen your apple slicer at home and enjoy a more efficient tool in your kitchen.

Alternative Ways to Sharpen an Apple Slicer

If you find it challenging to sharpen your apple slicer, there are alternatives. For instance, you can purchase a new slicer with a protective case. The case will protect the blade from getting dull.

Another alternative is to use a paring knife. Rub the backside of the knife along the blade of the slicer at the same angle as the peeler blade's edge. This method hones the edge of the blade, making it sharp again.

Maintaining Your Apple Slicer

To ensure your apple slicer stays sharp for a long time, be sure to store it properly. Avoid storing it in a drawer where the blade can bump into other objects. Instead, keep it in a protective case.


Keeping your apple slicer sharp is crucial for efficient slicing. With the steps provided in this article, you can easily sharpen your apple slicer and keep it in good condition for a long time.

Remember, safety comes first. Always be careful when handling sharp objects and ensure your hands are dry to prevent slipping. If you're not comfortable with sharpening the apple slicer yourself, seek professional help or consider getting a new one.


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Marias Condo
Marias Condo

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