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Home Decor DIY Ideas That Anyone Can Accomplish

September 26, 2021 3 min read

Home Decor DIY Ideas That Anyone Can Accomplish - Maria's Condo

If you're a millennial living in the city, you've probably been told that owning a condo is your best bet to building equity. And while this may be true, it doesn't mean that decorating your new space will come easy. In fact, finding the perfect pieces to make your place feel like home can be downright hard work! But don't worry - we have some tips and tricks for how to decorate a condo so it feels just right. You deserve a space that reflects who you are and makes you happy!


Make your space feel like home

When decorating a new condo, make it your own by investing in pieces that make you feel warm and comfortable, whether it be a pillow with your favorite quote or a photo of your family or friends. Whether you're into the shabby chic trend or prefer modern and minimalist design, make your home a reflection of yourself! If you're feeling indecisive, hang up a few photos on the wall to get a feel for what it's supposed to look like. This way, you can easily move pieces around when you want to. Just remember that symmetry is a great design trick! Invest in furniture that complements your apartment's layout Before you go out and buy all of the things you'll need, think about what your space will need.


Lighting is everything

Lighting is everything for the home. More often than not, the lighting you use to arrange your space, determine the colors in your room, or set the mood in your living room, will play a huge role in your overall style. Go with textures and colors that compliment the overall feel of the space, and then choose your light fixtures based off of this. From metallic chandeliers to deep pendants to soft lighting on a dimmer, using different sources of light throughout the day can really elevate the vibe of a space. Introduce texture Look at your condo's boring furniture and think about how you would love to spruce it up. It may be as simple as painting a piece of furniture a different color or replacing an old piece with one that really matches the rest of your décor.


You can make big changes with small updates

Scouted out the best spot for hanging a mirror? Awesome. You can paint the ceiling and install new light fixtures to make it feel completely different. One of the greatest ways to bring your place together and make a major transformation is to scale things down - whether you're redecorating a bedroom or a living space. even recommends using what you already have and repurposing it into something new or different. If you don't love it, you'll know that it doesn't have to stay in there! Get rid of stuff you don't use You don't need to spend a ton of money to make your place feel completely fresh and different. Instead of hanging your entire closet on the walls, consider getting rid of a few pieces you haven't worn in a long time.



If you've made it this far, you should know how to turn your condo into a home, no matter what your budget is. Follow these tips and give your new condo that one beautiful, chic, livable room it's always needed!

Maria Condo
Maria Condo

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