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Does the size of the grill grate lifter matter?

Does the size of the grill grate lifter matter? - Maria's Condo

For all grilling enthusiasts, there's always a quest to find the right tools that would make the grilling process hassle-free. One such tool that has become an integral part of any barbecuing toolkit is the grill grate lifter. This post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on grill grate lifters, including when and why you might need one, what to consider when buying, and a comparison of the top-rated grill grate lifters of 2023.

The Importance of Grill Grate Lifters

Most of us have experienced the challenge of trying to lift a hot grill grid with a pair of tongs or pliers from the garage. It's a risky task that could lead to accidents. However, there's a special tool designed to make this task safer and easier — the grill grate lifter.

Grill grate lifters are Y-shaped tools that assist in lifting any type of grill grate easily and safely. They minimize the risk of burns or the hot grill toppling over. With such convenience and comfort in store, it's worth exploring the highest-rated grill grate lifters available in the market today.

Grill Grate Lifter Buying Guide

Finding the perfect grill grate lifter can be a daunting task due to the various sizes, handles, prong types, and other factors to consider. To help you navigate through this, we've compiled a guide highlighting everything you should know before buying a grill grate lifter.

Prong Type

The prong type should be your foremost priority when choosing a grill grate lifter. Two-prong grate lifters are versatile as they can be used for multiple types of grills. However, grill grippers that act like pliers provide an even firmer grip, especially for thin grills. When choosing the prong type, consider the size of your grill and ensure to get a grate lifter that can fit in between your grill's grid.


The material of the grill grate lifter is another essential factor to consider. Look for a tool that is made from rust-proof material to prevent contamination of your grill and food. Further, ensure that the material is durable and sturdy so it doesn’t bend while picking up heavy grills. Cast-iron grate lifters are quite popular due to their durability and sturdiness.


The handle of your grill grate lifter should be long enough to prevent your hand from getting burnt by the heat of the grill. It should also be ergonomic for comfortable handling of heavy grill grids. A handle with a protective, anti-skid casing can prevent rust buildup and heat conduction.


The grip of a grill grate lifter is often overlooked, however, a good grip can make the difference between a horrible accident or an enjoyable barbecue. A grill grate lifter should either have ridges or feature a rubber or silicon grip to firmly hold the tool while picking up grill grates. Ensure that a plastic grip is kept away from the heat of the grill pit as it can melt.


Grill grate lifters are small tools that can easily get misplaced and lost if not properly stored. To keep them handy, it's ideal to get a grill grate lifter with a storage hole or a curved handle that can easily be hung on any hook alongside your grill.

Dual Tine

Dual tine grate lifters are universal lifters capable of picking up all sorts of grids, ranging from angled to horizontal. These grate lifters are perfect for people who own multiple grill grids and don't want to stress themselves with multiple tools for the same purpose.

Comparing the Top-Rated Grill Grate Lifters of 2023

KAMaster Grill Grate Lifter – Best Overall

KAMaster’s grill grate lifter is featured in a rust-proof material that is made of durable materials. It doesn’t deform under the weight of your grill bars and ensures a firm grip with its teeth. While ideal for grills from Weber, Primo, and Kamado, the grate gripper can also be used for picking up hot kitchen utensils.

DELSbbq Universal Grid Lifter – Most Durable

This universal grid lifter is made of cast iron, making it strong enough to easily pick up heavy-duty grills without getting deformed. Due to being made with cast iron, the grill grate lifter can work for both, charcoal and gas grills with ease.

Broil King 2-in-1 Grid Lifter – Most Coverage

Equip yourself with Broil King’s 2-in-1 grid lifter, capable of picking up both iron and stainless steel grill grates.

Char-Broil Universal Grate Lifter – Minimalist Pick

The Char-Broil Grate Lifter features a two prong design which securely grabs any grill and lifts it up with ease.

VANKEY Grill Grate Lifter – Most Sturdy

This grill gripper from VANKEY is completely made from an anti-rust material which is durable and doesn’t deform while picking heavy grill grates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a grill grate lifter?

Generally, a grill grate lifter should be made out of a material that doesn’t deform easily from heat and high load. Cast iron is considered to be the best material for grill grate lifters due to its extreme durability and strength as compared to its counterparts.

Where Can You Use A Grill Grate Lifter?

Although a grill grate lifter is essentially made to pick up hot grill grids, the handy tool can be used in a variety of other areas. For starters, a grid lifter is capable of picking up most cooking and baking utensils, preventing you from burning your hands while cooking.

When should I change my grill grate?

When your grill grate starts catching rust, it’s time to swap out your current grill grate for a new one.

Should You Use A Branded Grill Grate Lifter?

While it’s recommended to use the grill grate lifter offered by the same brand as your grill, it’s not absolutely necessary. Universal grill grate lifters work equally well, however, while purchasing them you should keep in mind your grill dimensions and weight.


In conclusion, investing in a grill grate lifter can significantly enhance your grilling experience. It is a perfect tool to ensure safety while grilling and adds convenience to the process. So, get ready to take your grilling game to the next level with the right grill grate lifter!


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